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Cookies used on this website

Área 3 provides users with information on the cookies used by the company for its website and the reason why they are used, to enhance website performance.

Cookies are a tool used by web servers to store and recover information about visitors. They are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit websites. They have different functions such as allowing you to browse between pages efficiently and storing information about your visit, e.g. language, preferences, that is then recovered to make your browsing experience better and easier. They are associated only with your browser and do not provide personal data.

Cookies are classified according to the entity that manages them (first- and third-party cookies), the time they remain active (session or persistent cookies), and according to their purpose, i.e. technical, customisation, analysis, advertising or behavioural marketing cookies.

The following types of cookies are used on this website for the purposes described:

Third-party cookies Name Purpose
Google Analytics __utma Used to distinguish between users and sessions.
Google Analytics __utmb Used to register the start and end of each visit
Google Analytics __utmc Used to register the start and end of each visit
Google Analytics __utmz Used to track the origin of the visit (link, search)

Analytics cookies are used for regular maintenance purposes and to ensure that users' enjoy the best possible service. Websites normally make use of "analytics" cookies to collect activity statistics.

These Google Analytics cookies create an anonymous user ID employed to record the number of times a user visits the site. They also record the first and last time the user has visited the website, in addition to calculating when a session has finished, the user's origin and keywords.

Users can decide to store cookies on their hard drive or to eliminate them. Therefore, you can set your browser to accept or reject all cookies by default or to receive an onscreen alert for each cookie received and decide at that moment whether it can be saved on your hard drive.

As we use the same cookies for all users, if you want to change them you must do so using your browser's tools.

Links to the main manufacturers of devices and browsers to manage or deactivate cookies on your browser:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Privacy → Advanced. For more information, visit the Microsoft support page or the browser Help function.
  • Firefox: Tools → Options → Privacy → Record file → Personalised set up. For more information, visit the Mozilla support page or the browser Help function.
  • Chrome: Set up → Show advanced options → Privacy → Content set up. For more information, visit the Google support page or the browser Help function.
  • Safari: Preferences → Security. For more information, visit the Apple support page or the browser Help function.

If you decide to block all cookies, or our cookies specifically, this may prevent access to some website services and your experience on our website may be less satisfactory.

Manage Cookies

When you visit this website, you will see a cookie settings panel informing you of how you can give or refuse consent for the installation of a certain category of cookies or all cookies in general. If you click Accept on the Cookie Notice, you will be deemed to have expressly consented to the installation of all cookie categories.

Simply accessing this Policy, without prior action, does not constitute acceptance of cookies.